Happy Birthday Gikki!

Today I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sister Nicole AKA Nikki AKA Gikki AKA Aunt Mickey.

I have to add in that she’s my big sister to always remind her that she’s older than me!

I love knowing my sister is always only a phone call away, and that I can count on her no matter what! We are very close now… but it wasn’t always that way! Continue reading “Happy Birthday Gikki!”


We’ve often joked about our level of codependence with each other… but whenever one of us is away, and not as accessible, it’s truly apparent just how much we rely on each other for day to day activities.

Oh wait… did you think this post was a mushy one about my husband? And him being gone… oh, no, thats not the case. This is codependency with Bestie. I’ve still yet to decide what I wanna call her on this blog, because I think it’d be funny to give her a random name.. I’ve considered Lace, or Lace-Dog (which I’ve NEVER actually called her), or Stan (a shortening of her last name), or just continuing as Bestie. TBD I suppose. Continue reading “I.Am.Codependent.”

Dear Beverly,

So today I went a pancake brunch at the home a fellow mil-spouse, Kristin.  She has a support group for those of us with deployed husbands. We initially met when we were both volunteering after Hurricane Harvey. Then realized that our sons go the the same therapy place on Wednesdays. So we now have weekly dates catching up while the boys are with their therapists.

She’d invited me to an event before but I was unable to make it. I had something going on.. I dunno, like some dude was leaving for a long time, or something like that. 😉 But she had added me to a FB group with these Ladies and they seemed nice enough, so I was gonna go. Continue reading “Dear Beverly,”

Let’s Give this a Shot….

Okay….. so I know that it’s totally weird that I’ve decided to completely change EVERYTHING that I was ever going to blog about. First it was food (which I still will post lots about), and then it was going to be health and fitness, but me blogging about that just didn’t really seem natural, or fun, since I share so much of that on social anyways. And I’m no pro…. so like, what was the point. Maybe I’ll do another post addressing this more in the future. But for now, I just don’t feel like it.

Why? Continue reading “Let’s Give this a Shot….”