22 Minute Hard Corps: 4 Week Progress

Here they are!

My 4 Week 22 Minute Hard Corps results!


Down 6 pounds. Feeling SO MUCH stronger! Moves I could barely do week one, I’m NAILING now at the SAME PACE as the video!

I feel so badass with this workout. It’s all moves I pretty much love to hate, lol, but combined, I’m feeling better about myself than I have in awhile!

Goals for the next 4 weeks:
– don’t miss ANY workouts! I missed 3 in the last 4 weeks and that’s dumb considering it’s only 22 minutes
– nutrition. This is the BIG one for me. I wanna be 90/10 but if I’m being honest, I was probably only 70/30. Lots of room for improvement here.13000174_542674069244865_2571823777584891657_n

Overall, I’m happy with my consistency and I LOVE this program! If anyone wants to hop on board, message me and I’ll get you the details. This program made me fall in love with my journey all over again!!

Let’s do this!


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