Dear Beverly,

So today I went a pancake brunch at the home a fellow mil-spouse, Kristin.  She has a support group for those of us with deployed husbands. We initially met when we were both volunteering after Hurricane Harvey. Then realized that our sons go the the same therapy place on Wednesdays. So we now have weekly dates catching up while the boys are with their therapists.

She’d invited me to an event before but I was unable to make it. I had something going on.. I dunno, like some dude was leaving for a long time, or something like that. 😉 But she had added me to a FB group with these Ladies and they seemed nice enough, so I was gonna go.

I was chatting with Bestie yesterday, and telling her of my upcoming pancakes brunch. I told her that I was little nervous to go into a house full of strangers. People don’t realize it, or ever think it about me, but I really do get anxious in new social settings. Are you stunned?

To top it off, Kristin was just CERTAIN that I was going to hit it off so well with one of the ladies there. She’d said it in comments on a post in the group, text it to me, told me in person, even had one of those sky writing planes put it over my house!! Okay, maybe she only did a couple of those things. (I never said that I wasn’t going to exaggerate!)

So I was truly feeling the pressure of meet this girl. Beverly. Her name is Beverly. And I guess pressure is the wrong the word. Anxious and hopeful might be more like it. I’ve been here a year and a half and have made all of 4 friends (and if we’re being honest, I already had one of them before I came.)

So my nerves were getting to me, but I played it off to Bestie, that I was cool, and Beverly would be lucky to know me. LOL. (My faux cockiness comes out when I’m nervous.)

Anyways, I digress. I continued on with Bestie and told her the REAL reason that I wanted to hit it off with Beverly….

So when someone asks me what I’m doing that day, I just think it’d be REALLY cool to say, “Oh me? Oh I’m just grabbing some lunch with Bev.” or “Bev and I are gonna go grab a coffee, then off to yoga.” (Disclaimer, I have no idea if Bev drinks coffee or does yoga… by my imaginary Bev does! Wine too!)

I went on to say how’d I’d be laughing with people and exclaim, “OH MY GOSH, That is SO Beverly!” At this point Bestie says to me to, “OMG. Shut it Rierson. You’re so stupid” But I couldn’t. I Became obsessed with my new imaginary friend, while Bestie was just talking about my weird brain.

I then said THIS is what my blog should be about! My random thoughts and taking ideas too far! She said “YESSSSSSS! I’d read it!” I said, “Awesome! That makes ONE person!” Not one to ever let a joke lie, I then convinced her that I was going to rename my entire blog, ‘Dear Beverly…..’ She dared me too. I love a good dare!
I contemplated it. But really didn’t wanna buy a new URL.

The pancake brunch was a blast. All the Ladies were lovely! Made a couple awesome connections.

But get this…. Bev couldn’t even make it! So I didn’t even end up meeting her.
That’s SO Beverly!!!
I may never know if she does in fact eat lunch, like coffee, wine, or yoga!

10 Replies to “Dear Beverly,”

  1. Your absolutely AMAZING!!! I do NOT drink coffee (the after taste is something from the pits of hell), I do NOT do yoga (I LAUGH at really inappropriate times). But do I love some wine (moscato)! You have NO IDEA how bummed I was of missing today! My son is a freak of nature! Like less than 3 weeks ago he got his ARM out of a cast! Now his friggin foot is going into one! This dude going away for like a long time already SUCKS! me, we’ll do burgers & booze during the day!

  2. Oh, Bev.
    I love your quirky brain and could NOT be more excited. This blog will now be part of my go to entertainment!
    i like lunch
    and coffee
    and wine
    and PIE!

  3. Love it! Great read and I can relate and understand your thought process. .. I need a friend like you in this neck of the woods!! Keep on blogging!! Maybe I’ll be able to get out of my comfort zone too!

  4. Beverly, I to have an awesome friend named Beverly. I live in Missouri and she moved to New York. I miss her terribly. We too enjoy laughing at inappropriate moments together. Someday I would love to meet Miss Jenni and all of you fun girls in person!!!!

  5. Love this Jenni! Meeting you at Summit in Nashville was one of my best moments…eating Hot Chicken with you…well…that was so totally Beverly 🙂 hee hee! Love you lady! XO

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