Happy Birthday Gikki!

Today I wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sister Nicole AKA Nikki AKA Gikki AKA Aunt Mickey.

I have to add in that she’s my big sister to always remind her that she’s older than me!

I love knowing my sister is always only a phone call away, and that I can count on her no matter what! We are very close now… but it wasn’t always that way!

Like literally, she used to come home from high school and tell on me if I talked to her. “Mom, Jenn talked to me at school today, IN FRONT of my friends!”

We didn’t have much in common. She’s quiet. I’m loud. She married her high school sweetheart, while I dated, well, who didn’t I date?!? Geez!

There were some interests we both enjoyed though. She enjoyed talking on the phone to her friends, and I enjoyed listening in on the other phone. 🤣 She cultivated and harvested my love for New Kids on the Block. And the day her Guess zebra print denim jeans and jacket didn’t fit her any longer, was one of the happiest days of my life! She also spiked my Slurpee with vodka when I was in high school. This was my first alcohol. And it was GROSS!

(Funny side note, because I was the wild one, and she the quiet one, our parents always assumed I was probably doing bad things…. but there’s some stories about her high school shenanigans that I’ll save for another day 😝)

Anyways, she’s pretty fantastic! She bailed me out of a lot of jams in my less responsible days. And I’ll never be able to thank her for things like helping me get a new, more reliable, car after Bowie was born. Speaking of, she’s an absolutely amazing Auntie to me kids! She was at the hospital when both the boys were born, and I dunno if she knows how much that means to me! And last year she gave me a nephew. I joked with her her whole pregnancy that our cousins, myself, and our brother all had REALLY cute kids… so statistically, she was gonna have a troll baby! But she didn’t! He’s absolutely adorable! And was from birth. I guess the troll baby is still yet to be born by someone in the family.

And my sister isn’t only good to me she’s good to EVERYONE! She’s the person that always remembers birthday and anniversaries. You can count on a gift/card/phone call/heartfelt FB post with an attached photo collage. She was there for our mom when she had breast cancer. She was the maid of honor at my wedding and made me cry with her speech.

She just has a giant heart… even when I’m picking on our mom, she defends her 😝 but I think mostly it’s just because they have the same perfectly shaped nose to put a clown nose on 🤡 so they have to stick together! (Not that I can brag in the nose department, cuz I got our dad’s)

Anyways, to my Vegas loving, concert going, shoe obsessed, goes to bed early, does her grocery shopping and laundry on the same day every week, structured, responsible big sister…. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

I cant wait to see you and celebrate with you next week! MASSAGE TIME!


I ❤️ You Gikki!!!!!!

PS just remember, no matter what, you will ALWAYS be older than me!




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