Healthy Salted Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cookies (6 Ingredients)


Well, I feel like I first must apologize for my absence. My goal is to write 2-3 posts a week. Lofty, I know. But 1-2 will suffice. I’ve currently been working REALLY hard on getting fit and eating right. Not that I’d really been eating bad, but I’m much more cautious these days, and it’s paying off. I’m down 12 pounds of this dreaded baby weight so far. Yay!

That being said, I haven’t been too exciting with meal creations lately. Don’t get me wrong, we still eat delicious foods, it’s just that it’s stuff that I’ve been making for years. So to me, it doesn’t seem like it’s anything special or necessarily worth sharing. Then I realized, I haven’t been cooking for YOU for years, so maybe you’d wanna try some of my healthy recipes out! So, I pledge to you, my small readers of the world, to bring you new (to you) and delicious recipes 2-3 times a week! (Which means 1-2 times a week, if we are being real about it.)

Now, lets make some yummy, but healthy, cookies!

So I was putting away my weekly organic produce from the co-op this morning… which doesn’t usually get put away until Tuesday even though I receive it on Monday. My fridge is small, and my love of produce is vast. So it always means rearranging so that everything fits. It’s daunting. Well, I looked on the counter next to where I set down the watermelon and honeydew, and saw 2 very sad and dark bananas on their death beds, left uneaten from last weeks produce delivery. My first instinct was through them in the freezer with the others who had come to the same fate and would soon be blended into smoothies, or maybe, just maybe, one day make it into banana heaven and become banana bread! At least, that’s what I think a banana would think heaven would be like. I’ve never gotten an answer when I’ve asked. They are so shy, those yellow oblong little creatures!

Banana heaven tangent successful, train of thought lost.

Back to cookies. So I saw Sad Banana, and two thoughts merged into one. I had recently been struggling with wanting to make cookies thanks to a friend’s question about favorite cookie recipes to replenish her cookie jar stash and also, Melissa over at My Whole Food Life had just posted a healthy, few ingredient, chocolate chip cookie I was wanting to try. This isn’t her recipe, so do still go check hers out,  but it did get the juices flowing to create my recipe!

Six ingredients… most of which I’m sure you’ve got!



Peanut butter (I use my homemade stuff, and I make it a bit creamy), banana, chocolate chips, maple syrup (just to kick up the natural sweetness of the banana), baking powder (for a little lift), and sea salt, I used pink Himalayan.

That. Is. It!

unnamed-6The batter is a lil goopy, but still holds together!

unnamed-5See the pretty sea salt? Yum! Now, I did add a pinch of salt into the batter, and you really do get that chocolatey, salty combo. If that’s not your thing, go easy, or just sprinkle on top, or omit altogether.

unnamed-1Dig in, without guilt!


Salted Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cookies

1 ripe banana
3/4 – 1 cup peanut butter (I used gooey homemade)
3 tablespoons maple syrup
1 scant teaspoon baking powder
1/4 cup chocolate chips of choice
*optional pinch sea salt + more for topping
(I used pink Himalayan)

1. Preheat oven to 350•

2. Combine all ingredients. 

3. Spoon onto parchment paper lined sheet, sprinkle with sea salt.

4. Bake  14-16 minutes until golden and bottoms start to crisp. Let cool completely on cookie sheet. Enjoy! Store in fridge, if they last that long!

Makes about 15 cookies. I plan on storing mine in the fridge but they’d be fine out in an airtight container as well I’m sure. 

If you make these, please let me know what you think!!




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2 Replies to “Healthy Salted Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Cookies (6 Ingredients)”

  1. I made these! They were a hit with both my celiac’s suffering dog-walker and health-conscious coworkers. The only things I did differently were using dark chocolate chips (all I had) and leaving my batter in the fridge for a good 30 minutes or so to firm up (just to make really uniform scoops with my cookie scooper). Otherwise, I will definitely be making a variation of these again the next time I have some brown bananas lying around…maybe with oats for some texture?

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