We’ve often joked about our level of codependence with each other… but whenever one of us is away, and not as accessible, it’s truly apparent just how much we rely on each other for day to day activities.

Oh wait… did you think this post was a mushy one about my husband? And him being gone… oh, no, thats not the case. This is codependency with Bestie. I’ve still yet to decide what I wanna call her on this blog, because I think it’d be funny to give her a random name.. I’ve considered Lace, or Lace-Dog (which I’ve NEVER actually called her), or Stan (a shortening of her last name), or just continuing as Bestie. TBD I suppose.

Anyways.. here’s my codependency. (Bare with me… it could get quite romantic.) She is my first and last text of the day, and has been for some time. I completely CAN NOT stand that we are currently living in different time zones… it means I have to wait an extra HOUR for her to wake up. (Why she doesn’t consider waking up an hour early to converse with me a legit option, has me questioning her level of commitment to this relationship!!)

We often fantasize about having a BIG commune where we invite all our fav people and everyone contributes… I’d cook, someone would homeschool the kids, another tend to the farm. Someone to make soaps and stuff, etc… come to think of it, I can’t remember what her role was actually gonna be! Freaking freeloader!!

I digress. Now don’t get me wrong, for as much as we have in common, we have lots of differences too. For one, she’s not geeky like me (should be a deal breaker, I know)… but I did lure her into an hour and half long chat of all things nerdy by opening the convo with her star crush Jason Momoa. She used the time to clean her kitchen =/ I was busy geekin’ and she was busy cleanin’. Glad I could help. Another difference, she INSISTS on hideous footwear. I refuse to even mention them… but they rhyme with hip-hops! *shudder* She threatens me that she is going to glue some to my feet one night when I fall asleep, she said there would be tequila involved. I know, I know, the hideous footwear SHOULD be the actual deal breaker, but hey, if I can overlook the fact that she’s NEVER seen Star Wars, I can just not look down when we are walking together.

So I mentioned above that when one of us is away, (she’s in Florida checking out homes to buy!), the DEPENDENCY part of codependency really kicks in.  So much so that I wasn’t getting any response from her, that I started texting with her hubs for like 30 minutes. But it wasn’t the same… However, her hubs does like geeky things so we chatted about the new Thor and JL movies that are coming out and the fact that Lace is weird for not liking movies. He was NOT cleaning the kitchen, so the convo was actually 2 sided. =)

Realizing she had more important things to focus on than me for the day, I decided to go to lunch… alone. (Cuz none of my 5 local friends could join me). But I’m not afraid to eat alone, and this blog post actually came to fruition at said lunch.

I wanted champagne and salad. So I knew exactly where I wanted to go… however, on the way there I remember that I do NOT like their champagne, so I switch it to wine and salad. First world problems.

While I was there I was texting Bestie about my experience, even if she was busy house hunting and not responding.

  • I told her about my dilemma between picking a Rose or Sauvignon Blanc. (I went with the Sav Blanc)
  • I told her how embarrassing it was that I was drinking a white wine, but had gotten steak on my salad
  • I told her that I wanted to make friends with one of the gay boys that worked there
  • I told her that I wasn’t sure that I liked arugula as much as I THOUGHT I did, and how it’s actually quite a hard green to eat gracefully with those long stems
  • I proceeded to go on and on being worried that my inability to fork my arugula was going to ruin my chances of making said above friendship… but maybe they’d be impressed with my two glasses of wine with lunch mentality
  • I solved my arugula problem, I started twirling it like spaghetti. (It only helped a little, but I looked less like a savage feeding)
  • I was CERTAIN everyone saw me slather the butter on my #notpaleo bread, and they were all judging me! It was… A LOT of butter!
  • I overheard the guys at the table next to me talking about being Parrotheads?? (Lacey later filled me in on what that meant… and I was SO ok with not knowing)

She must have had like 25 texts by the time she got to her phone… her response, “OMG STAHP! LOL” which is my cue for, ‘this will make a great blog post’.  The more absurd she finds me, the happier I am!

When it comes down to it, everyone should have that one friend.. that they can 100% be themselves with. Say stupid things to. Annoy. Laugh to. Cry to. And everything in between.

So here’s to that stupid person in my life. My Bestie. My motivator. My sounding board. My gut check. My biz partner. My roll dog. Lacey.

PS She gets back on Tuesday, and then I’m of to Dallas Friday, so I get to return the ‘I’m too busy for you’ attitude. THEN I’ll be in Cali for 10 days a week after that… that’ll learn her!! 😉


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