Let’s Give this a Shot….

Okay….. so I know that it’s totally weird that I’ve decided to completely change EVERYTHING that I was ever going to blog about. First it was food (which I still will post lots about), and then it was going to be health and fitness, but me blogging about that just didn’t really seem natural, or fun, since I share so much of that on social anyways. And I’m no pro…. so like, what was the point. Maybe I’ll do another post addressing this more in the future. But for now, I just don’t feel like it.

Why? Because I found EXACTLY what it is that I want to write about… ME! lol Okay, well not like all conceited… but about my weird brain and how it works. It’s quite random, and entertaining, to me anyways. It’s punny, sarcastic, loves a good dad joke, witty, inquisitive, and a lot of times my inner dialogue leaves my bestie wondering what’s wrong with me. (Yes, you heard that right, I share my INNER DIALOGUE with my bestie. And now, I’m going to share it with you!)

So let’s get started on how this all came about. I’ve been thinking for awhile that I need to share more of myself and open up.. which I feel I already do a good job of on social. However, sometimes, I’ll post something that I think is HILARIOUS or deep or whatever… and it fails. Like my delivery was wrong, or FB put me on time out.. I just dunno.

But as I continue to share these random things with Bestie, I think, I should write this ish down… then say “Nah, it wouldn’t translate well and people might not ‘get it’.” I’m not listening to that voice anymore… I’m writing this stufff down, because I know SOMEONE will find it hilarious. Even if it’s just me in five years!

The aesthetics are a work in progress, as I’m revamping as I go to fit the new vibe.

Most post will be almost diary style… so keep up, because I also live a good inside joke. So anyone reading this, I hope you’ve got a good memory moving forward. Okay, FINE, I’ll try to remind to link old stories with inside jokes.

Some posts might be videos… if I’m feeling VLOGgy <— can I trademark that word?

Okay, felt the need for this fluff post. Gonna publish it, so I can get to my next post about this chick Beverly.

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