Veggie Pizza with Herbed Sourdough Crust and Leftover Pesto


I’d like to introduce you to Prince Norton.

S1320029My beautiful friend Amy let me know that she had a sourdough starter alive and kickin’ and asked if I’d like it’s spawn. I gleefully accepted. Now came the more serious task of naming him. I told Amy that all her starter’s spawns should be named like racehorse. If you are unaware of how horses are named, they usually take a part, or spin off, of each the mother and the father to create some witty new thoroughbred moniker. The matriarch of this Sourdough Clan, is Miss Edwards, and having no father to speak of other than King Arthur Flour, we have born one Prince Norton. (Prince from KAF, and Norton from (Miss) Edward Norton). Sometimes my brain’s energy just needs a place to go and it comes out in ridiculous ways like naming sourdough starters.


Prince Norton likes to eat and must be fed weekly! Not wanting to waste the ‘unfed’ part of him, I decided to make sourdough pizza crust with lots of italian seasoning mixed in!


PLEASE don’t ask me why my pizza dough is on a foil lined baking sheet. Why I don’t have a baking/pizza stone is a matter of contention within my marriage and I’d rather not get into right now while my belly is so happily full of pizza. (You know what you did Mr. Rierson…. I’ll NEVER forget!)

Oh, Ummm, where was I? Pizza, that’s right. Pizza without a baking stone… but I’m not bitter. This post won’t have a recipe at the bottom, but rather I’ll just share the link to the dough recipe. It’s on the best site for dough recipes in the world. That’s right, King Arthur Flour or KAF as us in the know call it. Even if you don’t have a sourdough starter to use for this specific recipe, you can find a traditional pizza crust here. It yields 3 to 4 pizzas, so you can freeze any dough you wont use, or cut the recipe in half. The only real difference I made in the sourdough recipe was to use an italian seasoning blend rather than their pizza dough season.

Now, let’s just chop some veggies shall we.




And a few more. Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

S1330026 Artichokes, asparagus, zucchini, sweet peppers. Yum! That, of course, is shredded mozzarella. There may or may not also be a little shaved parmesan as well as goat cheese crumbled on before baking. I put all that on top of the leftover pesto sauce that I made last night.

Let’s eat.


This is all I’m willing to share. The rest is for me.



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  1. haha i love your little stories. so glad you made this blog. i feel like after everything you post i wanna comment “recipe” and it would get annoying! 🙂

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